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Just Laser It!....and all things Cosmetic

Dr. Raminder "Minni" Saluja

The world of lasers for the skin can be confusing and overwhelming with new treatments popping up daily. What works? What doesn't? And a little clarity, please, on what these "energy based devices" can and cannot do. This podcast helps both patients and practitioners navigate through the different energy based devices (Laser, IPL and RF) as well as decoding the numerous injectables such as Botox, Fillers and PDO threads, to help gain a better understanding and to evaluate if these types of procedures are right for you. Yes, so true...we all age, but how we age is our choice and hopefully you will walk away with a greater insight into the wild, wonderful world of lasers. This show is hosted by Dr. Raminder "Minni" Saluja (board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained in Cosmetic Dermatology) and Kane Rogers. No quizzes at the end so sit back and enjoy and DM us for questions you would love to see answered in upcoming shows. Instagram: SalujalaserMD